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Reese Commentaries

Complete Set of Gareth Reese's Commentaries on the New Testament

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These commentaries comprise the author's series on the books of the New Testament, and each commentary is written from the unique standpoint of the Restoration Movement.  This allows him to approach Scripture with no special theological doctrine or dogma to defend and explicate; rather, it provides an unhindered freedom to listen to what the Holy Spirit would tell us within the pages of Scripture.  By deliberately employing the time-honored grammatico-historical method of interpretation, the Word of God is allowed to impress upon our minds the intent the Divine Author had in mind.

Each work in this series offers a phrase-by-phrase commentary and exposition of a particular New Testament book.  These commentaries are conservative evangelical Christian in outlook, yet skillfully examine the Scriptures from multiple theological viewpoints.  Introductory Studies cover authorship and attestation, the place and date of writing, original target audience to whom the letters were addressed, and the original purpose for writing.  Throughout, the author presumes the God-inspired nature of all Biblical writing, and therefore seeks to harmonize the teachings of each New Testament book with other relevant Scripture.  Frequently, these commentaries helpfully explore the original language in which the New Testament epistles were written in order to more fully understand what God has revealed.  Fully annotated bibliographies of other commentaries are included in each work to encourage readers to extend their own studies.

These commentaries are in use as college textbooks, yet each is suitable for the lay church member.

The author is Professor Emeritus of the New Testament at Central Christian College of the Bible (Moberly, MO).

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