Dr. Gareth L. Reese has had a 65-year career as a professor of New Testament at Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, MO.  Whether teaching courses at the College, or while preaching or offering seminars in churches in the U.S. and abroad, he has long been known for his ability to make the Word of God come alive for his students and readers.

        The commentaries in this set capture the thousands of hours Dr. Reese has spent earnestly studying, examining, and wrestling with what God has written in the scriptures, as he has sought to understand and harmonize the wondrous way of salvation that God has revealed to us.  Dr. Reese’s practice has long been to read one new commentary each time he teaches a course, and this extensive and broad and diligent study is clearly evident in his writings.  His Acts commentary, originally published in 1966, quickly became the standard course textbook in the Bible colleges associated with the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, and remained so for four decades.  His works have been translated into multiple languages.

        An advocate for the Restoration Movement, Dr. Reese is a conservative evangelical scholar.  His writings display a deep and profound respect for the Word of God, for the inspired authors through whom this Word was given, for the Church, the Body of Christ, that continues to be built up as a spiritual house by that Word, and, most of all, for the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Who is exalted and glorified and honored as we come to Him according to His Word.

        Dr. Reese is a 1954 graduate of the Cincinnati Bible Seminary (later, Cincinnati Christian University), and holds multiple post graduate degrees.